Two Towers

"Two Towers" is a consummate, perfect card game full of fantastic hand-made draw in pencil cards and excellent music. It creates a thrilling atmosphere that will capture your attention for hours.

This game is a real challenge to your logical thought, although "Two Towers" is rather easy to understand and to play.

You can fight for your castle alone or you can invite any person from all over the world you will fight with. "Two Towers" demands from you patience, persistence and a strategy to win.


  • Addictive gameplay. We warn you, so don't even try to complain on us about this!
  • 114 hand-made draw in pencil game cards. Yup, a lot of cards to learn and play.
  • Strong AI. It's not so easy to win, be ready to lose...
  • 28 magical spells.
  • Multiplayer game*
* - Game Center account is required to play online.

If you are ready to fight and become a real hero - play "Two Towers" and show everybody what kind of warrior you are!